Meet Our Partners

Laura Fuller

Yoga, Movement, Dance and Gymnastics
Laura is the creator of Life Moves Through and a beloved yoga instructor for children AND adults throughout the Los Angeles area. Her classes include yoga, movement and dance. Life Moves Through is the idea that if we bring our cells to the to the present, we become clear channels that life and love move through in radiant flow. It is learning to dance with challenges that arise, and opening the heart wide enough to hold everything. It is a full embrace of all levels and kinds of experience and the importance of working in the details of our lives. Knowing that our deepest dreams and deepest fears are waiting for our listening.

Meike Lemmens

Parent Effectiveness Training
Meike is one of the few certified Parent Effectiveness Training Instructors in the Orange County/Los Angeles County areas. Meike received her B.A. in Psychology and her M.A. in Communications from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has extensive experience in educational research and development of training curriculum for parents and teachers and has published in all of these areas. Her work was most recently published in the Journal for Issues of Mental Health Nursing. Meike is also a mother of two and lives in the Orange County area where she has been teaching parents the Parent Effectiveness Training method for several years. Check out Meike in action here.

Music and Play

The Beat Buds
The Beat Buds are dedicated to musically entertaining and educating young children. With music performance and arts degrees from The Los Angeles Music Academy and California State University at Northridge, combined with a versatile background in music education, they’ve created a diverse song catalog that offers children exposure to the basic components of music. From major and minor key recognition and duple and triple meters, to rhythmic and melodic exploration, they write catchy tunes that are rich in both spirit and message. Topics include self image, tolerance, health and hygiene, safety issues, 
environmental consciousness and education. It is through this music that they are able to simultaneously exercise a child’s creative and logical mind as well as provide a fun and engaging musical experience.

Onsite Salon Services

La Duree Salon
Pamper & Play is lucky to have one of Los Angeles’s premier hair salons RIGHT NEXT DOOR! The best part? While your kids enjoy supervised play at P&P, you can indulge in a hair cut, color or style for both men and women. Laduree Hair Salon's laid-back, unpretentious, and warm attitude translates to superior service and treatments. Clients can chose from a tasty drink menu of wine, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, red bull and more. The attentive staff will accommodate your every hair need including the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment, as featured in InStyle's Hair Issue, Bazaar and a host of other magazines. LaDuree is open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome! For more info, call 310- 474-5860 or Email:

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